October 2, 2020

Dear Hornet Parents and Guardians:

The first six week period of the new school year is already behind us, which seems almost impossible.  Challenges related to COVID-19 are keeping everyone so busy that time is going by faster than ever!  All things considered, we have experienced an amazingly smooth start to the 2020-21 school year, and there are many people to thank for our success as a district.

Our teachers, support staff, leadership teams and other employees have done incredible work building and implementing a plan to educate all Huntsville ISD students through three different learning models, while implementing new safety protocols within our schools.  We have also fed, transported and cared for our kids in new and creative ways.  Additionally, our students and parents have been extremely cooperative, patient and graceful as we learned how to run a school during a pandemic.  Together, we have made this happen and we have kept our district moving forward in challenging times.

As time goes on and some people naturally grow weary of the safety protocols we should all be following to stop the spread of COVID-19, I do have some suggestions and reminders.  Whether at school, work, in public places, and certainly at large public gatherings, please be vigilant in wearing masks, washing your hands frequently, and following other safety recommendations.  There is a hyper focus on coronavirus cases in schools across our state and nation, but everyone needs to remember schools can only control what happens within the school and at school events.  When students and adults relax safety outside of school and expose themselves to the virus, it will naturally make its way into our schools.  Please stay vigilant and help us protect our ability to continue offering face to face instruction for Huntsville ISD students, as well as our ability to participate in school events.  It takes the entire community.

Thanks for your support of Huntsville ISD.  Together, we will continue growing, improving and Building Champions!

Sting ‘em,

sheppard signature
Scott Sheppard, Ed.D.
Huntsville ISD