Called when a situation requires that students remain in their classrooms or in another area, in order to keep hallways clear and away from an incident or situation.

When hallways need to be cleared; subsequent bells and any/all scheduled class changes are disregarded. Movement throughout building is stopped until all-clear is given.

Public Address:
“Hold in your classroom” and is repeated twice each time the public address is performed. Be aware if there is a need to add additional directives to any students that are not in a classroom, at lunch or some other location where they should remain until the hold is lifted. For example: “Hold in your classroom! Clear the hallways! Hold in your classroom. Clear the Hallways!”

  • Students are trained to remain in current location until hold “all clear” is announced.
  • All activities continue as usual in current location to the extent possible.
  • Teachers/staff are trained to recover students from hallways.
  • Place a sign on the main entry notifying parents and other visitors that the drill is in progress and that their access if restricted until the drill is over.
  • Lock classroom door.
  • Accountability protocols should be initiated.
  • Designate time after the drill for teachers to debrief with students and other staff members, as well as administration.