Called when there is a threat or hazard inside of the school building. From parental custody disputes to intruders to an active shooter, Lockdown uses classroom and school security actions to protect students and staff from threat.

Schools will secure school buildings and grounds during incidents that pose a threat or hazard outside of the school building. Lockdown uses the security of the physical facility to act as protection.

Public Address:
“Lockdown! Locks, Lights, Out of Sight!” and is repeated twice each time the public address is performed. “Lockdown! Locks, Lights, Out of Sight!” Lockdown! Locks, Lights, Out of Sight!”

  • Areas of campus that cannot be secured should be evaluated for additional actions that allow vulnerable areas to be evacuated quickly and efficiently.
  • Conduct at least one lockdown drill in areas other than classrooms, such as outside or in the cafeteria to encourage fast and effective decision making.
  • Place a sign on the main entry notifying parents and other visitors that the drill is in progress and that their access is restricted until the drill is over.
  • Designate time after the drill for teachers to debrief with students and other staff, as well as with administration.
  • Lockdown duties should be predetermined, and back-ups should be in place in case of absences.
  • Pre-designate a gathering point for outside students/staff to gather at least one block away from the school during a lockdown.
  • Students should be taught in advance to seek nearest secure area if they are in an unsecure/common area during a drill.
  • All participants should sit quietly, away from view of doors and/or windows.
  • Do not leave secure area or re-enter building until the drill is officially concluded.