Called when there is a threat or hazard outside of the school building. Whether it’s due to violence or criminal activity in the immediate neighborhood, or a dangerous animal in the playground, Lockout uses the security of the physical facility to act as protection.

Schools secure school buildings and grounds during incidents that pose an immediate threat of violence in the school. The primary objective is to quickly ensure all school students, staff and visitors are secured away from immediate danger.

Public Address:
“Lockout! Get inside. Lock outside doors” and is repeated twice each time the public address is performed.  “Lockout! Get inside. Lock outside doors. Lockout! Get inside. Lock outside doors.

  • All students/staff should be instructed to come into/remain inside the secure school building.
  • To the extent possible, instruction should continue uninterrupted.
  • All outside access points should be locked.
  • No student/staff/visitor should be allowed to enter or leave the building until the area is deemed safe.
  • Lockout duties should be predetermined, and back-ups should be in place in case of absences.
  • Place a sign on the main entry notifying parents and other visitors that the drill is in progress and that their access is restricted until the drill is over.
  • Designate time after the drill for teachers to debrief with students and other staff, as well as with administration.