Immunization Information

  • Texas school and child-care facility immunization requirements are determined by the state legislature and set by the Texas Department of State Health Services, in conjunction with the Texas Education Agency.

    Maintaining adequate immunization rates in schools is critical to preventing disease outbreaks and ensuring the health of Texas children.

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    • Skipping vaccines and checkups can be dangerous. Pediatricians’ offices are open and safe. 


    • Don’t delay your child’s vaccines or checkups.
      It could be the most important call you make today. 
Don't wait...vaccinate!  FAQ about Vaccines
But wait...what about COVID-19?

Did you delay your child's vaccines due to COVID-19?

  • Vaccinating your kids keeps them safe & healthy. If you delayed vaccines during COVID-19, it’s time to catch up for school.

    Our public healthcare workers and clinics are strained due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to do your part to help. Please consider Vaccinating  yourself and your household.  Find a Texas Vaccines for Children’s provider here Texas Vaccines for Children.

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Additional State Required Shots for 7th Graders

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*Attention Parents of INCOMING 7th GRADERS

  • Texas state law requires students attending school to be immunized against certain vaccine-preventable diseases. 

    All students entering 7th grade at Mance Park Middle School are required to have additional immunizations for admission to school including meningococcal and whooping cough shots.  An HPV vaccination and an annual flu shot also keep illness, even cancer, away. We encourage you to get your child vaccinated early so as to avoid the end-of-summer vaccination rush. Getting your child vaccinated protects your child’s health and that of the community.

    Protect your kids – vaccinate them. 
    DSHS Immunizations & School Requirements 

    Parents can fax, or have the child's doctor's office fax the updated shot record to the Nurse @ Mance Park Middle School.  HISD asks parents to please take care of this important Back to School requirement prior to the start of school starting to avoid delays or conflicts for the new school year.

    Fax records to 936-435-6619, or call 936-435-6400 for questions.