New Student Registration Information

new student registration
  • Welcome to Huntsville ISD!  It's a great day to be a HORNET!!! 

    August 18, 2020 UPDATE: The New Student ONLINE Registration Form is CLOSED.
    We continue to welcome New Student registration daily!  Please download and print the paper enrollment packet below.  If you do not have the capability to print out a packet, a copy can be obtained from the child's campus. All registration after August 18, 2020, will be handled by the campus.  Please contact the child's campus directly to schedule an appointment time to come to campus to submit the packet with all required enrollment documentation listed below.    

    July 16, 2020 UPDATE: 
    New Student Registration is an ONLINE process. The New Student Registration System is now OPEN.  Please use the appropriate link below to register your NEW student.  (Students are considered NEW, if they did not complete the 19-20 school year in Huntsville ISD.)  

    New Student Online Registration - English Form - Online Registration Form CLOSED August 18, 2020. To register, please use the paper enrollment process below.

    New Student Online Registration - Spanish Form - Online Registration Form is CLOSED August 18. 2020.  To register, please use the paper enrollment process below.


    All New Students (PreKindergarten -12th Grade)

    **New Students are children who were not enrolled in Huntsville ISD on the last school day of the 2019-2020 school year.  New also includes all BRAND NEW incoming PreKindergarten and Kindergarten students. (NEW does not apply to current Gibbs PreK Center students.)

    New Student Enrollment Packet paper copies can be obtained upon request from the HISD Administration Building at 441 FM 2821 East, or downloaded from this page (links at the bottom of this page).  Due to COVID-19, all campuses and buildings are closed to public access.  If a safe option can be arranged, we will host an in-person Centralized New Student Registration closer to the start of school (dates/times/location TBA) for those that require face-to-face support for registration.

Paper Enrollment Packet

  • If you have limited or no access to technology preventing you from completing the online registration process, please submit a new student registration packet (links below).  You will need to download the document to your own device to complete the form.  Then print the form out and contact your child's campus directly for procedures for when and how to submit them.  Additionally, if you do not have the ability to print a packet, please contact Administration and we will be happy to arrange for a hard copy to be provided to you.   All HISD campuses and buildings are still closed to the general public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are strictly ahearing all CDC safety guidelines. Please schedule an appointment time to visit our campuses & facilities.

    New Student Enrollment Packets for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year:

    Regular PDF  English | Spanish

    Fillable PDF  English | Spanish

Enrollment Criteria and Documentation


    1. A official document of birth or proof of identification for your child (birth certificate must be certified, NOT hospital certificate with prints); 
    2. The child’s shot record with doctor’s signature or public health verification. (A TB test may be required under certain circumstances.); 
    3. The child's Social Security Card or a copy;
    4. Proof of Residency: Current utility (water, gas, electric) bill, deed of trust, property tax statement, or an unexpired lease agreement which shows a physical address, post office boxes excluded.  (If utility bill is not in the parent/guardian name, then person listed on the utility bill must be present with ID.);
    5. Parent/Guardian ID or DL;
    6. For PreKindergarten registration, if income is your qualifying criteria, then proof of income is also required to determine eligibility.   Qualification for Free/Reduced Price School Meal Program will be done in August with July's paystub. 

    Minimum Age Requirements for PreK & Kindergarten Enrollment:

    • Prekindergarten students must be four (4) years old on or before September 1, 2020.
    • Kindergarten students must be five (5) years old on or before September 1, 2020.

    PreKindergarten is FREE for all students who qualify.  PLEASE PROVIDE PROOF OF INCOME TO HELP DETERMINE ELIGIBILITY.  For those students who do not qualify, affordable tuition based PreK is available.  


    **Huntsville ISD offers transportation to students, free breakfast for all students and free lunch for those who qualify.**

    Visit the Child Nutrition Services Department page to apply for Free or Reduced Price Meals for your child.

    Transportation requires an annual registration process which is separate from the Student Registration.  Please visit the Transporation Department page to request Transportation for your child(ren).  

Additional Documentation Needed for New Student Registration

  • Please have all of your registration information and required documents needed gathered and with you before starting the registration form. 

    • Immunization Records for Incoming 7th Graders - The State requires children entering 7th grade to have additional shots for entry into school.  Please be sure to provide Mance Park Middle School with this required documentation for your child's records.  You may upload the record into the online registration form or have the doctor's office fax it to the school nurse.  If you have problems with the upload, you may send it as an email attachment to  Please include your parent contact information as well as the name and date of birth for your child so that the information can be placed in the proper student file.  
    • Proof of Residency Documentation - Proof of Residency is requested for returning students entering transitional grades 5, 7 and 9. See below for details.

Proof of Residency Requirement


    proof of residency picture of house



    All NEW Students enrolling in ALL grades are required to present Proof of Residency to complete the HISD Student Registration process. 

    What is Proof of Residency?  That’s documentation that reflects your physical residence such a current utility bill showing service location, deed of trust, property tax statement, or an unexpired lease agreement showing physical address of residence.  If you don't have any of the above due to living with family or friends, the district will consider accepting a notarized Verification of Address Affidavit.  

    Again, please have all required documents with you when you begin the registration process, as you will have the opportunity to upload them before you submit your completed registration form.  If you experience difficulty with the upload process, please contact by email or phone for support.     

Models of Instruction - Learning Options for Families for 2020-2021

  • The details of the 3 Models of Instruction HISD will offer for student learning are included in the Registration process and parents will be asked to select the Model you prefer best for your student start school with. We recommend you review the models carefully before making your selection. 

    To review the Models of Instruction click here.