• Huntsville High School Nurse

    Tina Williams, R.N.  
    Phone: 936-435-6102
    HISD strives to create a safe and healthy environment for students.
    To help me achieve that in the HHS clinic, I highly encourage parent and staff communication. Completing online registration at the beginning of each new school year alerts the clinic of medical information that we need to properly care for your child. 

    If your child has asthma, severe allergies, seizures, or diabetes, a parent/guardian and the child's physician will need to complete an action plan pack and submit to the nurse's office at the beginning each new school year.

    Please call and inform the nurse's office if your child has a debilitating injury, surgery, or communicable illness.

    Scoliosis testing

    Scoliosis screening will be done in October on incoming 9th grade students. If your child has an exemption or is already under the care of a physician for scoliosis, please submit all necessary paperwork to the HHS clinic prior to screening.
    Please feel free to email or call me that the HHS clinic if you have any medical questions or concerns:
    Tina Williams, RN
    Nurse's office 936-435-6102
    Clinic fax 936-435-6636
    LaTonya Cole
    Immunizations 936-435-6101