Emergency & Safety Information

  • The safety of our students and staff will always be of the utmost importance to us. Campus safety is a focus of our Board and Administration and we have made many efforts and upgrades to help secure entrances and vestibules along with adding security cameras and processes throughout our schools. Huntsville ISD is proud to have a wonderful partnership with the Huntsville Police Department and we appreciate the large law enforcement presence in Walker County.  Working together we will all continue to strive to provide protection for the District’s students, employees, and facilities.  The Huntsville ISD School Police Officers provide regular active shooter training for our staff as well as other safety related drills to help us all be as prepared as we can be to respond to safety concerns.  Huntsville ISD is diligent in providing a safe learning environment for all.

    Our greatest safety measure; however, is vigilance. We encourage all students, staff, parents and local citizens to report any suspicious activity, suspected dangers, or safety concerns to the appropriate authorities. All anonymous reports made to the school district may be submitted 24/7 to Huntsville ISD’s Incident Reporter via CrisisGo's Safe2Speakup Anonymous Online Alerts System.


    *Note:  Please call 911 for any emergency that requires immediate attention

HISD Incident Reporter System - Use to Report Bullying & Other Safety Concerns

  • Click to Read Information about the Incident Reporter System

  • Click here to Submit a Report using the Incident Reporter Online Form

Texas Bullying Laws

Safety is Our Priority

  • Safety is Huntsville ISD’s top priority and that’s why we have refined how we communicate in times of crisis or emergency through the use of the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).

    Thousands of schools have adopted this program, created by the “I Love u Guys Foundation.”  The goal is to use a standard language with terminology that everyone can understand and follow.

    Of course, the key is to train and practice. Throughout the year, students and staff can expect safety drills to help ensure everyone is familiar with the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).

    Here’s a quick guide to the terminology and the actions associated with threats or hazards:


    what to do in an emergency


    To learn more about the Safety Response Protocol (SRP) followed in Huntsville ISD click here!