• Special Services

Special Event December 3, 2018

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  • Kelly Pieterse                                         Ashley Kimich

    Director of Special Education                                        Coordinator              

    kdpieterse@huntsville-isd.org                                       adkimich@huntsville-isd.org

    936-435-6970                                                                936-435-6972


    Maggie Odom                                         Dianne Hertel

    Administrative Assistant                                                PEIMS/Records Clerk

    mrodom@huntsville-isd.org                                          dkhertel@huntsville-isd.org

    936-435-6970                                                                936-435-6973


    Dene Swearingen

    Records Clerk





    Torrie Oliphant                                       Leslie Gay

    Transition Specialist                                                     LSSP/Coordinator of Child Find

    troliphant@huntsville-isd.org                                        ldgay@huntsville-isd.org              

    936-435-6100 Ext.1206                                                936-435-7208, 936-435-0400, 936-435-5533 



    Sped Children

  • Purpose

    Huntsville ISD strives to provide appropriate programs for all students and we believe our charge is to build champions. The district provides facilities, personnel, and supportive services to aid students in learning at the pace and in the manner most appropriate for their capabilities. Dedicated educators continually strive to plan, establish, and implement special education programs that meet the needs of the community. As the needs of our students change, Huntsville ISD modifies programs to meet these needs.


    Child-Centered Process

    Students from ages 3 through 21, (birth through 21 with visual or auditory impairment) residing within the Huntsville ISD boundaries, may be eligible for special education services. Parents, teachers, and other Huntsville ISD staff identify and refer these students for a Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE). An Admission, Review and Dismissal (ARD) Committee determines the student's eligibility and educational need based on state criteria. Full and Individual Evaluations are available through an appropriate referral for students residing within Huntsville ISD. Evaluation personnel serve each school by administering evaluations, making recommendations for IEP development, and assisting school staff.

    Child with a disability means a child evaluated in accordance with IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) as having and who, by reason thereof, needs special education and related services.

    Orthopedic Impairment

    Other Health Impairment

    Auditory Impairment

    Visual Impairment


    Intellectual Disability

    Emotional Disturbance

    Specific Learning Disability

    Speech/Language Impairment


    Traumatic Brain Injury

    Multiple Disabilities

    Non-Categorical Early Childhood


    Child Find

    The Special Education Program in Huntsville ISD is ready and willing to serve all eligible students. All children with disabilities residing in the state regardless of the severity of their disabilities and who need special education and related services must be identified, located, and evaluated. For more information regarding Child Find, please contact Leslie Gay at ldgay@huntsville-isd.org or 936-435-7208, 936-435-0400, and 936-435-5533.


    Parental Involvement

    Parents are an important resource and support for our students and significantly contribute to their success. Their participation is a vital component of the total educational process. Parents and the school form a team effort to provide quality services to exceptional children.


    Private School Students

    All state requirements concerning child find, referral, evaluation and determination of eligibility are applicable.