Community WiFi Project

  • Hornet Hotspots - Public WiFi
    This is a community service provided by the school district.  Thanks to several companies and a local church we have created a space at many of our campuses where the community can comme to a desingated covered place to sit and access the internet over a WiFi connectioion.  Each of these designated areas has a posted sign that look like the Hornet image shown on the left.
hornet hotspot
    Campus Locations:
    Gibbs PreK Center - picnic table at the back of the school
    Huntsville Elementary - awning in the back of the school
    Samuel W. Houston Elementary - awning by playground
    Scott Johnson Elementary - awning at the back of the school
    Stewart Elementary - courtyard
    Huntsville Intermediate - area outside of the library
    Technology Department - awning at the intersection of Avenue M and 7th Street
    These HISD locations provide FREE public wireless OUTSIDE the buildings in designated areas.