Vision, Mission & Goals

  • Our Vision:
    All students thrive as lifelong learners and global citizens prepared for the futures they create.
    Our Mission:
    The mission of Huntsville Independent School District is to establish a partnership with students, parents and the community to provide an equitable education system characterized by a safe environment and academic excellence to empower all students with knowledge, competencies, and personal qualities to live and work successfully as lifelong learners and responsible citizens with a global perspective.

    Our Beliefs:

    1. All students can learn.
    2. All students deserve opportunities to take ownership of their learning.
    3. Diversity is essential to dynamic learning environments.
    4. Real world applications connect all students to content and skills.
    5. All students are best served in schools by building positive relationships and connections inside and outside of school to help prepare them for the real world.
    6. All teachers are facilitators guiding students to deeper, profound learning through differentiated, meaningful lessons.
    7. Teamwork, resources, and communication are essential at all levels.


    Our Strategic Goals:

    Goal #1 - Academic Performance:

    All students will achieve academic success and demonstrate growth.

    Objective 1: Increase percent of students meeting the state and district assessment standards, attaining advanced academic levels and eliminating achievement gaps.

    Objective 2: Plan for and implement staff development that focuses on building schools for the future.

    Objective 3: With 100% participation, implement Curriculum Cornerstone's Non-negotiables to facilitate academic success for students.

    Goal #2 - Safe Schools:

    All schools will promote nurturing, safe and secure places for students, staff and parents.

    Objective 1: Lower the number of discipline referrals by 5% each year.

    Objective 2: Lower the number of assignments to OSS, ISS and DAEP by 5%.

    Objective 3: Develop, monitor and access effectiveness of interventions, CRISIS Management and school health programs.

    Objective 4: Heighten awareness of bullying and reduce number of instances each year.

    Objective 5: Explore reinstatement of Alternative Education Programs at all levels.

    Goal #3 - Community Involvement:

    The District will provide parent and community partnerships in an environment that promotes trust through effective communication.

    Objective 1: Plan districtwide opportunities for parent and community involvement to promote academic achievement and school spirit.

    Objective 2: Provide a variety of communication methods to share information with parents, students and community stakeholders.

    Goal #4 - Resources:

    The District will ensure fiscal accountability and responsibility through alignment and sound stewardship of our financial resources.

    Objective 1: Develop a plan to implement and review the wise and prudent use of available resources.

    Objective 2: Develop a plan to improve, maintain and increase the educational capabilities of our facilities.

    Objective 3: Increase revenue by promoting growth in student attendance and decreasing staff absenteeism.

    Goal #5 - Staff:

    The District will retain and recruit qualified staff that will maintain standards that foster student success.

    Objective 1: Decrease turnover rate by 1% annually (retain highly qualified personnel).

    Objective 2: Increase recruiting of HQ Teachers specifically for math, science, bilingual education and foreign languages.

    Objective 3: Increase ESL certifications for teachers.