• ***We strive to provide timely service for all VOE requests.  Please allow up to 72 hours to process your request.  Expect delays for VOEs requested during our holiday breaks and summer break.*** 
    A student must meet one of the following requirements to receive a VOE. The individual certifying attendance verifies on behalf of the school, program, or institution the following as true and correct by marking the appropriate box and affixing a legal signature to this form. Entities may personalize and/or develop their own VOE provided all pertinent information contained on this form is incorporated.   
    Requirements for a VOE:
    Public, charter, home, or private schools: The public, charter, home, or private school should mark this box and issue the form to any student who is currently enrolled AND either: 
    (1) met minimum attendance for class credit (90 Percent Rule) in each class they were enrolled in semester, 
    (2) received credit for all courses taken in the previous semester, OR 
    (3) has complied with the conditions established by the school to receive this VOE form.  
    If you fail to meet one of these requirements your VOE request will be denied.


    Form for VOE Request