Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Warren

This year I am teaching English I here at Huntsville High School. I am proud to be a Hornet! I graduated from this high school myself, in 1999. To come back and teach here, in the community I love, is a true blessing. I am also a Bearkat, having earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from SHSU in Philosophy and English. I have been teaching for 2 and a half years and the Fall of 2021 will be my fifth semester with HHS. I became an English teacher because I love literature and writing. I believe that great literature tells two stories: one about the characters in it, and another one about the time and place which those stories come from. In that way, the study of literature is always also a study of culture, and by learning about American and world literary history, we learn about our roots and values as Americans and as global citizens. When we do this I believe we are able to gain a better appreciation of ourselves and our world, and it is my sincere hope to spark in my students the same love of literature that was sparked in myself, in this very same school, all those years ago. Another essential aspect of the English I course is writing. By training ourselves in writing, we learn to connect with others and communicate effectively in the modern world. Whether you are going to college after high school, or pursuing a career, writing will be essential to your life in every field and in a variety of ways. It is a skill which helps to make you a well-rounded individual and it is my sincere hope that we will all finish this school year as better writers than when we started. 

  • 1st Period, 7:40am - 8:27am

         Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

    2nd Period, 8:32am-9:19am

         English I

    3rd Period, 9:24am-10:11am


    4th Period, 10:16am-11:03am

          English I

    5th Period, 11:08am-12:05pm

          English I w/ C Lunch

    Lunch: 12:05pm - 12:35pm

    6th Period, 12:40pm-1:27pm

         English I

    Hornet Time, 1:32pm-1:58pm

         English EOC

    7th Period, 2:02pm-2:49pm

         English I

    8th Period, 2:54pm-3:40pm

         English I

  • Conference Period - 3rd Period

            9:24am - 10:11am

    (936) 435-6100 ext. 1509

    Tutorials are available every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45 until 4:00pm. The time for tutorials may be extended as needed and may be available on days other than those scheduled, by appointment, as needed.

  • -Google Classoom Codes-

    You can use the following codes to join my Google Classrooms.

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    Period 2 Code: hn4slya

     Period 4 Code: p2ybh4q

     Period 5 Code: ty5gycs

     Period 6 Code: jvkmqmv

     Period 7 Code: uhwof5d

     Period 8 Code: ilqd6d7

     Hornet Time Code: 4cbpq7r