School Supplies


COVID-19 UPDATE: Face Masks / Coverings

  • Parents/Guardians are asked to provide a reusable mask for their child for grades 4th through 12th. Students PK through 3rd grade are not required to wear face masks; however, it is highly recommended.

    All students will be required to wear masks if they are to be seen in the school clinic and while using Huntsville ISD Transportation. Parents are asked to send a reusable mask.

Online Learning - Does my child still need School Supplies? YES!

  • The supplies are for ALL students, whether they choose online learning or traditional in-person learning. For example, the students may be asked to take notes from the teacher-led instruction (whether in-person or online) in their composition notebook to create a color-coded graphic organizer. All students will be completing the same assignments regardless of the Model of Instruction chosen. We highly recommend our online students organize their supplies at home as they would in a traditional classroom setting, in order to ensure equitable learning.