Ms. Kelsey L. Smith

Phone: 93643561001807


Degrees and Certifications:

8-12 Social Studies Certification ESL Supplemental Certification B.A. Broadcast Journalism Valedictorian of HHS 2009

Ms. Kelsey L. Smith

Hello! My name is Ms. Smith, and I teach Level Economics, AP Macroeconomics, and AP U.S. Government at Huntsville High School. I'm in room 1807. I'm a home grown hornet; I graduated valedictorian of HHS back in 2009, and cumma sum laude from SHSU in 2013 with a degree in Multiplatform Journalism and a minor in Economics. Over the years, I've been a sports statistician, radio host, voice-over actress, church videographer, entrepreneur, and lending assistant for First Financial Bank. It took a while for me to find my way back to HHS, but I decided to get my alternative teaching certificate in Social Studies a few years ago, and I'm back for my fifth year of teaching in 2020-2021!

Fun facts about me: I'm a quarter-inch shy of being five feet tall. My favorite thing to do is to travel. I've backpacked solo through Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Washington State. I backpacked with my boyfriend through Ireland, Germany, France, and British Columbia. I'm a musician. I love to read. I love to look for elements of the extraordinary in everyday life. 

My thoughts on education: I believe that education equips you to build your own door to success. Every person is utterly unique, so we all want something totally unique out of life. Education should be personal and relevant. Education should be exciting. My teaching style reflects these beliefs - I try to start and finish each and every day with obvious enthusiasm and energy. I truly believe every single one of my students is awesome and is capable of success!

This is me!
  • Conference: 3rd Period (9:30-10:15)

    Tutoring hours:

         * Monday-Thursday 3:40-4pm

         *Other times by appointment only

  • Teaching Schedule

    1st Period: Level Economics

    2nd Period: AP Government (Fall) / AP Macroeconomics (Spring)

    3rd Period: Conference

    4th Period: Level Economics

    5th Period: Level Economics, C-Lunch, D-Advocate

    6th Period: AP Government (Fall) / AP Macroeconomics (Spring)

    7th Period: Level Economics

    8th Period: Level Economics

  • Stay Connected


    Google Classroom is updated daily with class notes and assignments. 

    For Model A&B students (in-class and synchronous online streaming):

           1st period (Level Econ): 2qcq3s6

           2nd period (AP Gov't): jpkx3ia

           4th period (Level Econ): juf7vrr

           5th period (Level Econ): 7t523pr

           6th period (AP Gov't): tizfezm

           7th period (Level Econ): umhykti

           8th period (Level Econ): 4cficxr

    For Model C students (a-syncrhonous online):

           LEVEL Economics: Mr. McCall will be taking over this class!

           AP Government: gxxuin3

    Email is the best way to reach me for questions!