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  • UIL
    U.I.L. academic contests help students develop oral language and communication skills, become independent readers and writers, develop conceptual understanding, learn to solve problems, and apply knowledge to all facets of their lives. 

    These are the qualifications each student must meet in order to participate in U.I.L:

    1. Maintain a 75 or above average in each class each 9 weeks.
    2. NO U's or N's in conduct during each 9 weeks.
              - Any referral which results in ISS/OSS will also result in immediate dismissal from the club
    3. Parental approval.
    4. Be able to attend practice sessions after school and have your own transportation home.
               - Any student who is not picked up ON TIME more than once, may face dismissal from their club.
               - We want ALL students to participate who want to, so PLEASE make sure your child is picked up on time.
    5. Be able to attend the District meet. 
               - Prelims (Oral Reading and Ready Writing) 
               - FINALS (ALL events)