Arrival & Dismissal for Stewart Elementary


    Thank you for following the procedures below to help with morning and afternoon traffic flow.  The safety of our students is always the most important.  

    • Any changes to going home plans must be made through a note to the teacher the morning of the change.  
    • Any other changes to transportation must be made by 2:30PM in order to notify the teacher of changes by the end of the day.  Please call the front office at 435-6700.  
    • Students will only be released to people listed on their student registration and/or emergency contact list.  
    • If your child will be a car rider, please complete the yellow car tag to place on your dashboard.  This assists us in identifying your car when calling for the student.  
    • School opens at 7:30 for students to enter the building.  Students are not allowed to be left unattended outside of the school.  There is no staff on duty to supervise students until school begins at 7:30.
    • Parents may walk their child to class until 7:45AM.  If you choose to do walk your child to class, reoprt to the front office and a Stewart Staff member will scan your form of ID (Driver's License or Passport).  Parents should make their way back to the front office to sign out, and exit through the front doors, by 7:55 when announcements begin.  We encourage our teachers to greet their students and welcome them in the mornings.  Please refrain from holding parent conferences during this time if you happen to walk your child to class.  You are welcome to notify the teacher you would like them to contact you during their designated conference period if you have a concern you would like to discuss.   

    Morning Drop Off Procedures:

    • Cars will form a line on Boettcher Drive
    • Parents will choose drop off location A or B.  To drop off at location A you will turn right on Turner Street.  To drop off at location B you will continue straight on Boettcher Drive.  
    • All children must stay in their car until 7:30 when they will begin to unload.  
    • Students being dropped off at location B, must unload from the passenger side of the car and cars will only unload on the marked sidewalks.  
    • After 7:55 AM students can only be dropped off at location A at the front of the school.  Students arriving after 7:55 are considered tardy and must receive and admit slip to class.  
    • Parents that want to walk their children to class must wait in the line to park and park in the parking lot to escort their child to the front of the school.  Parents may not walk their child to class after 7:45 AM.

    PM Car Rider Procedures:

    • Cars will form a line on Boettcher Drive
    • There will be 2 loading areas according to grade levels
    • K, 1st and 2nd grade car riders will load in location A, which is at the front of the school
    • 3rd and 4th grade students will load at location B, which will be on Boettcher drive at the old front entrance of the school.  
    • Students loading at location B must load from the passenger side of the car and will be loaded on the marked sidewalks.  
    • K, 1st, and 2nd students that consistently ride with older students will be loaded at location B.  
    • If you occasionally pick up an additional student in the other grade level, you will have to travel through both lines
    • Both of these areas are for cars only.  For the safety of all students, parents may not walk up to the car rider loading areas.  Students will only be dismissed to parents in their cars.  


    • Students must be a designated bus rider that has completed bus registration.
    • Please allow up to 24 hours for new bus registration to begin.
    • Students may not be taken off the bus once loaded.
    • Students may not be picked up by parent in the bus area or at the loading dock.  


    • Students that live off of Boettcher Drive on the side streets are considered walkers.  Please register with your child’s teacher if they will be walking.  
    • Parents will meet their child at the designated crosswalk at dismissal time unless otherwise noted that the student will walk home unassisted.  

    Thank you for your help in following our school arrival/dismissal procedures.  We appreciate your understanding in the safety and security of all our students.  Please contact the school at 435-6700 if you have any questions.