Let me begin by saying that I hope everyone had a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing your child on Monday, January 9th.  We will be hitting the ground running and I look forward to seeing him/her grow even more than they already have.  Below is what we will be working on in each subject for the next couple of weeks.
Jan. 9-13: We will be focusing on tables and word problems.  With tables we will be looking for patterns using all the operations (addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication) as well as being able to extend tables and patterns.  We will of course be working on word problems daily, one and two step, as well as using all the operations.
Jan. 17-20:  We will be focusing on word problems using the four operations as well as two step problems.  This will include graphs (dot plots, bar, picto, and frequency tables) as well as solving equations when their is a missing factor, product, addend, sum, difference, dividend, divisor or quotient.  
Jan. 9-13: Begin discussion on how landforms can change quickly.  Specifically we will be looking at and discussing hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, landslides, and earthquakes.
Jan. 17-20: Continue discussion on how landforms can change quickly - tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and review previously ones.
Jan. 9-13: We will be taking a look at who can be a hero and how inventors have changed the world.  Some figures we will be discussing include Sally Ride, Cyprus McCormick, George Washington Carver, Benjamin Banneker, and Maria Mitchell.
Jan. 17-20: We will discuss and explore why we need rules and how we can keep our community safe - police officers, firemen and women, paramedics, and crossing guards.
Wednesday, January 11th - report cards will be coming home for the second nine weeks.  Please sign the envelope and return to school on the 12th.
Monday, January 16th - School Holiday
Friday, February 3rd - Spring Parent/Teacher Conferences.  The kids will not come to school on this day.  More information and schedules will be coming home soon.
Pencils.  We are really running low and the school year is only half over.  If you have any extra at home or could possibly grab some when you are at the store next time, it would be greatly appreciated!  
As always, I am only an email away.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions at all.