Huntsville ISD

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Welcome to Hornet Nation!!!


My name is Mrs. Franklin. I will be teaching 2nd Grade English Language Arts and Social Studies.
I am so excited for this year at Scott Johnson Elementary School!
Feel free to contact me by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns. 
Make sure to view our campus webpage for current news and happenings at our school.
Conference Times: MWF 1:10-2:10 
Growing up I knew I wanted to become a teacher. I was lucky to have people in my life, who inspired me to do my best and pursue my passions. Whether that be my wonderful teachers (who every single day chose to believe in me and help me find my hidden talents) or my inspiring parents  (who always stood by my side and fought for me to achieve my dreams). I'm a teacher because I believe that every single child deserves someone to fight for them and push them to achieve their dreams. Here at Scott Johnson we believe that all children can be learners. I believe in your child and I am here to help them succeed every day.