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Our Class

About Me
My name is Nikki Smith. I graduated from Sam Houston State University and this is my second year teaching at Scott Johnson Elementary. I am very excited to be with your third grade students and watch them grow this year. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions/concerns/celebrations about your child. I am looking forward to a great year!
My Personal Why

Mr. Frederick was my AP Calculus teacher during my senior year of high school. He and I had a personal friendship because he constantly asked about my life outside of school. I never struggled with math throughout high school and consistently had above a 90 in his class. After one nine week period, though, I fell short of an A in his class. During that time, things in my life outside of school were overwhelming and I was not able to concentrate on school the way I usually would be able to. When report cards came out for the nine week period, I saw that I had received a 90 for Mr. Frederick’s class. Knowing that I did not deserve this grade, I went to talk to my teacher. He explained to me that he saw that I was distracted in class, knew that something must have been going on in my life outside of class, and wanted to motivate me with the grade he knew I was capable of earning. Because of him, I learned how teachers not only support their students with academics, but with life lessons as well. That is why I teach-- to be like Mr. Frederick.


Conference Time

8:50 - 9:50


11:40 - 12:10