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Teacher Information


My name is Mrs. Davis and I will be your Art teacher this year. I hope we have a great and fun year together!

My mission as a teacher is to have an environment that engages, inspires, and achieves greatness beyond the basic requirements of education.

Throughout the year will learn the basic elements and principles of art. We will learn how to draw, color, paint, and make 3D sculptures.

I expect all students to participate in our art projects and put effort and have pride in their work. I do not grade on talent, I grade by following a rubric (which all the kids will receive before each project) and based on the student’s effort (meaning that I can see that they have tried their best and followed all of the directions).

Here is my email and phone number, you may contact me at any time and I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.   (936)-435-6500 Ext. 3220  Room #220


My conference times are 7:45am-8:31am (Any day) and 3:50pm-5:00pm (When need be)