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Welcome to 7th Grade Career Explorations class. My name is Sonya Dial and I have the honor of teaching this class again this year. My background is Reading/Language Arts specialist with a masters degree in bilingual/ESL. I have taught ELA, ESL, and Careers while in Huntsville. I moved from Houston where I was a trainer and coordinator for the balanced reading/writing approach (spanish, english and language transitioning). In addition to my continued committment to serving our students at the middle school level, I am a professor at SHSU. I teach junior and senior level education majors how to work with second language learners. My love of learning and desire to render this opportunity to ALL students drives me to continue my educational process of learning to meet the diverse set of needs our kiddos bring to the classroom. An additional pleasure is serving as MPMS Business Partner Campus Coordinator. Our partner is First United Methodist Church. We meet on a monthly basis and are active on campus throughout the school year.
In Career Explorations the students will be engaged using the the Huntsville Engaged Learning Model (HELM). Students will be engaged through discussions, videos, slides, projects, writing assignments, research, games and group and partner activities. They will be working on real life problem resolution within the various career strands. We will address business etiquette, personal hygiene,  digital citizenship, and much more.
Should you need help for your child please contact me at 936.293.4208. My conference time is 2nd period 8:44-9:39 am.