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Scholastic Reading Club
Ocassionally I will send home order forms from Scholastic with a specific due date. You can order online at and create a PARENT account (or log in with your existing account) to order online. You will use our unique class code to order.
Class Code: P6L2X
Please work with your child on their multiplication facts. Fact fluency is extremely important in 4th grade and will help your child not only with multiplication, but with division, fractions and measurement as well.
Check out these websites with interactive math games:
Can you count to a Googol??
You may be able to count all the way to one hundred, but have you ever counted to a googol? It's impossible! In this fun book of numbers, Robert E. Wells explores the wonderful world of zeros and tells how the googol came to be named.
Below you will find the link for the live animal webcams at various zoos around the country. It's intriguing, fun and has sparked lots of meaningful conversation in how it relates to our science unit (ecosystems & food chains/webs).
Social Studies
Here is a link to our online Social Studies Weekly readings.