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School Medication

1. All medication given at school must be provided by the student's parent/legal guardian.

2. Students must NOT have medicine in their possession at school or on the school bus. Should it be necessary for a student to take medication during the school day, the medication must be prescription only and must be in a properly labeled bottle by a pharmacist. The container must have the student's name, doctor's name, date prescription was filled, dosage to be administered, and name of medicine. If the physician provides a sample medication, the medicine must be in a "sample package" and must be accompanied by a written physician prescription providing the instruction for use at school.

3. All student medication must be accompanied by a note (with any special instructions) from the parent/guardian requesting the medicine be given at school.

4. Student medication shall be kept in a locked cabinet in the clinic. The school nurse or other principal designee will administer the medication as prescribed. A medication log will be kept.

5. Parents must bring all medication to school and pickup any medication left at the conclusion of the school year. Medication must NOT be transported on the school bus.

6. Medication will not be given after the expiration date on the container.