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All students thrive as lifelong learners and global citizens prepared for the futures they create.
 My Personal Why?

I believe that ALL students deserve the opportunity to learn and succeed in school. That they are given  the tools and support they need in order to be successful in life. That all students are given the chance to take ownership of their learning so they can see the value and meaning in their education.

I am learning coach, because I want to support, coach, and encourage teachers in their content knowledge, best practices, and future-ready skills, which prepares their students for the futures they create.
What is a Learning Coach?
"An on-site professional developer who partners with educators to identify and assist with implementation of teaching methods.
                                                                                                                                             -Jim Knight
What is the role of a Social Studies Learning Coach?
  • To support classroom teachers
  • Facilitate collaboration and professional growth
  • Provide professional development
  • Help teachers transfer what they learn about new practices to their classrooms
  • Provide a safe environment in which teachers can strive to improve their practices without fear of criticism for evaluation
  • Help teachers develop leadership skills with which they can support the work of their colleagues
Secondary Learning Coach-Social Studies