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Hey There!  
I am the Digital Learning and Community Engagement Coordinator for Huntsville ISD, and I also teach dual credit courses in Field Video Production & Video Editing through Lone Star College, Montgomery.  
I love what I do, and if you'd like contact me, you can reach me on 512-761-6040, or at .  
Also, since I work district wide and I like to take photos, you can get a glimpse of what's happening in Huntsville ISD by visiting my Facebook page,
And, though I don't post as frequently to The H Factor, you can see more good stuff happening in the District, there, too.
I also (intermittently :-) ) tweet at @m_lahey and have a personal website,
If you are interested in what makes me tick, please read below.  
(And, if you aren't, don't worry about it- we're good- :-) )
I believe in the power to help us talk to each other, share our stories and express ourselves.
I'm most interested in how people can leverage technology in the service of these goals, and less interested in 'horsepower for horsepower's sake.'  (i.e. How big your monitor is, how fancy your camera is.)
My thrill is working with people to share their stories, and I believe you don't have to be an expert in software or a piece of equipment to make it work for you.
This interest in the intersection of people, technology and storytelling has been the basis of my career.
I earned my undergraduate degree in Anthropology and TV & Film Production at the New College of the University of Alabama.  Later, I received my Masters of Communication Management at the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism at University of Southern California.
After a few years of independent travel, I moved to Los Angeles.  There I worked producing and directing (mostly) non-fiction television.  Whether working with rock star Ozzy Osbourne's family in Beverly Hills, a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park, a scientific researcher in a brain lab at UCLA or comedienne Kathy Griffin at a Manhattan nightclub, my goal has always been to bring my talents to bear to help people tell  their stories.
For several years I worked with the staff, students and faculty of the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism as the Multimedia Technologies Manager.
I now work with students, teachers and community members here in Huntsville.  
Working in PreK-12 is the most important job I have ever had.
When I was first trying to come up with a metaphor for what I am trying to accomplish as a teacher and a trainer, I thought what I might be was a gatekeeper of knowledge.
This is a common metaphor, but I didn't like it for two reasons.
The first reason I didn't  like it was because the gatekeeper term assumes exclusivity, and I never want to feel (assume) I have exclusive access or privilege to any secret special technical knowledge.
The second reason I didn't feel comfortable about this gatekeeper term was that it meant that I was doing the work (learning) and the learners were standing there waiting for me.  I don't believe this.
So what am I?  Well it's complicated, and maybe a little weird, but here goes:
When I matter, and I make a difference, I am a key maker.  I am not a gatekeeper.  I stand next that 'gate of knowledge,' but I am there to help people make their own keys.  We both have to meet in that space, and they have to do the work, but I provide the tools, give the guidance and create the environment for them to learn.
But to be sure, they make their own keys, they open the gate, they walk through that gate themselves, and they own the learning.
That's how I matter, and that how I measure my success.
Matthew Lahey