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District Vision Statement:

All students thrive as life-long learners and global citizens prepared for the futures they create.


Samuel Walker Houston Elementary Vision -

All students of Samuel W. Houston Elementary are empowered and motivated to impact the world as responsible, innovative thinkers. 


My duty to the students of SWHE is to prepare them for a prosperous future and enable them to be successful in whatever capacity they choose in life.  EVERY student matters to me and ensuring that they get the most meaningful and engaging educational experience daily is my personal mission. I am a husband and father of three who has over 20 years of educational experience and 24 years of military experience. It is my desire to use these experiences and skills to protect, nurture, listen to, connect with, and teach all students.


My personal “Why


My personal "Why" I'm in public education. So that no student passes through our hallways without being noticed and letting them know “they matter”. I do this because I believe that ALL our students have something special to contribute to our community, nation, and world. I want to help them discover and unleash their potential.

My personal "Why" cont.
I believe ALL students regardless of race, religion, social economic or name are brilliant and amazing.  I want to assist them ALL to discover and uncover their unique skills and talents that will make them successful.