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About Me: 
        This will be my sixth year to teach at Samuel Walker Houston Elementary. I have taught kindergarten, second, and fourth. I have two children who attended SWHE from kindergarten up! We, as a family, love this campus! I believe very much in lifelong learning, so I am currently in school again! I hope to instill a love of learning in every child I come into contact with in my career, because I believe it is the greatest way to keep enriching your life. I believe in every student who walks through our doors, and make it my mission to teach them how to learn and to love to learn.
Here is what we are learning!!!
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My Why:

I believe all students deserve to grow in an environment where they are successful, feel confident and gain lifelong skills needed for our ever-changing world. They deserve love from teachers, their peers, and most importantly from themselves, which in turn, will foster a love for others and for learning. Students deserve advocates who will be change agents for learning models that empower them to create, innovate, feel success at every achievement level, and allows them to take risks without fear of failure. They need peer discussion, peer encouragement, peer accountability, autonomy, as well as purposeful and meaningful learning experiences. I decided to be a change agent for these reasons. This is why I jumped at the opportunity to become a teacher of the Huntsville Engage to Learn Model. So my deserving students have access to technology, peers, small group learning, teamwork, self reflection, group reflection, connection to our real community members and businesses, a sense of community, belonging, empowerment, and purpose. I hope this fosters in their hearts a renewed love for school and learning though a new way of learning. It is not about me. My “why” is under 5 feet tall with growing brains and hearts who are looking at the adults to help them shape the futures they will one day create.

Breakfast/Arrival 7:30-7:55
Morning Message/Lesson 7:55-8:15
Specials 8:15-9:15 (PE Mon, Wed, & Fri) (Art Tue) (Music Thur)
Language Arts 9:15-12:10
Lunch 12:10-12:40
Recess 12:40-1:15
Math 1:15-2:30
Social Studies (Mon-Tue) 2:30-3:30
Science (Wed-Fri) 2:30-3:30
Conference Times:
Monday through Friday 8:15-9:15
Desiree Batchelor