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Batchelor, Desiree » Language Arts Unit 1: Fiction and Poetry (August 16 - September 21)

Language Arts Unit 1: Fiction and Poetry (August 16 - September 21)

Fiction and Poetry August 16 - September 21
Reading Writing Word Study
Students will be learning how to read and comprehend fiction and poetry. 
-Figurative language
To help your child at home, read a fiction novel and poems every night. Ask them questions during reading.
Question Examples:

What lesson does _____ learn?

In what way does the story help the read to _____? (verb-explain).

What cause _____ to change his mind?

How are the adventure of ______ and _____ alike in the two stories?


What is the message of this poem?

Which line from the poem shows that the speaker is not worried about --

What is the speaker’s main purpose in the poem?

The poet uses lines 1 through 3 mainly to —


Why is it important to the story that...?

What is paragraph -- mainly about?

What is the best summary of the story?

What is paragraph -- mostly about?

What is the conflict in the story?  

How is the problem solved?


What happened in the story?

When was this article written?

Why do you think we read __?

How did this story make you feel?

What do you like best in __?


What can you conclude about ____ from this sentence_____?

Which sentence shows that ______?

What can you conclude about the character?

Where can I get books for my child?
**The Huntsville Public Library
Students will be learning how to write imaginative stories using plot to sequence the events within a story.
Plot includes:
-Rising Action
-Falling Action
A great way to get your child to write at home is to show them a picture and have them write the story. They can plan the story on a plot line like this...
Plot Diagram Graphic Organizer
Here is a website with picture prompts to get them to be creative:
Challenge them to use correct capitalization and punctuation
How to use a dictionary to learn new words, the part of speech, and pronunciation. 
While reading at home, have your child point out words that they have never seen before. Look them up in a dictionary or and have them figure out which definition goes with the word. They will have use context clues to figure out which meaning makes sense. 
Spelling Rule: Double Consonants
Here is a video to show your child and to learn the rule so you can help reinforce what I am doing in class:
Here are some online games:
Here is a website where you can print worksheets: