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Strategic Design » Year One Action Plan

Year One Action Plan

"Every system is perfectly designed to achieve exactly the results it gets."
Goal 1: We will continually grow reciprocal partnerships that strengthen the bonds in the community.

1.2 Create and maintain community partnerships with various entities in the community
Goal 3: We will enhance communication with the entire community to bring about greater success for our district.
3.2 Expand community surveys and forums to communicate with district stakeholders
Goal 4: We will create an environment where all students will learn through a rigorous standards based curriculum focused on engagement.
4.1 Implement a standards based curriculum that meets the rigor and engagement defined by the district
4.3 Focus learning experiences and student work to relevant challenges with real world application
Goal 6: We will provide learning facilities that are safe, functionally efficient, able to evolve with future educational needs and promote a positive learning atmosphere. 
6.2 Engage the community in the planning and implementation process for meeting the needs of our facilities