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HISD Strategic Design

 Community Inspired Action


We believe that...
  • all students can learn.
  • all students deserve opportunities to take ownership of their learning.
  • diversity is essential to dynamic learning environments.
  • real world applications connect all students to content and skills.
  • all students are best served in schools by building positive relationships and connections inside and outside of school to help prepare them for the real world.
  • all teachers are facilitators guiding students to deeper, profound learning through differentiated, meaningful lessons.
  • teamwork, resources, and communication are essential at all levels.

Our Call To Action

All students thrive as lifelong learners and global citizens prepared for the futures they create.

Huntsville ISD Learner Profile

A Learner in Huntsville ISD...
● Is adaptable
● Is flexible
● Is dedicated
● Is goal oriented
● Is reflective
● Is open minded
● Is informed and educated
● Is creative
● Is analytical
● Connects the parts and the whole
● Solves problems
● Asks insightful questions
● Confident contributor
● Respectful of others
● Adaptable
● Empathetic
● Interpersonal skills
● Open Minded
● Has a growth mindset
● Is and engaged contributor
● Is respectful
● Is educated and informed
● Is responsible and accountable
● Is ethical
● Is tolerant and receptive
● Exercises his or her right

HISD Strategic Design Goals

  • We will continually grow reciprocal partnerships that strengthen the bonds in the community
  • We will strategically address all identified perceptions associated with our district. 
  • We will enhance communication with the entire community to bring about greater success for our district. 
  • We will create an environment where all students will learn through a rigorous standards based curriculum focused on engagement.
  • We will close the achievement gaps through using research-based strategies focused on our diverse population.
  • We will provide learning facilities that are safe, functionally efficient; able to evolve with future educational needs and promote a positive learning atmosphere.

2015 Strategic Design Process
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