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Strategic Design 2015 » Design Team Work

Design Team Work

Step 1
Design Work - November 17 & 18, 2015
Day 1 -
Discover Shared Beliefs
Call To Action:  Create First Draft of District Vision
Data Analysis, SWOT Analysis
Revisit Call To Action for Agreement
Day 2 -
Finalize Call to Action and any remaining Beliefs
Report out SWOT Analysis
Critical Issues & Opportunities
Create Goals
Create Action Ideas & Research Questions
Step 2
Create Work - December 1 & 8, 2015
Day 1 -
Review Strategic Design
Create Learner Profile
Create Learner Outcomes
Create Research Questions
Day 2 -
Share All Research
Create Action Ideas
Come to Agreement on Specific Results
Create Timeline for Specific Results
Step 3
Lead Work - January 7, 2016
Understanding the Design Framework
Specific Result Analysis
Write Action Plans
Final Step
Presentation to the Board - January 28, 2016