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Huntsville Education Foundation

The Huntsville Education Foundation (HEF) is a privately funded foundation dedicated to improving education in the Huntsville Independent School District. The Huntsville Education Foundation was organized in 1994 by educators and community leaders to promote excellence in education. The Foundation supports Huntsville ISD students and teachers by providing monies beyond those available through state and local funding for imaginative and innovative education programs and projects. Sample grants include units titled: Shattered Dreams, Let's Sing and Dance the Brain Smart Way, Marvelous Math Mania, Manners Count and many more!

The Foundation is operated by tax-exempt donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations for the benefit of students and teachers. Contributions are tax-deductible and stay in Huntsville to benefit our children and enrich our community. Since 1994, the Huntsville Education Foundation has provided more than $260,000 to fund our grants impacting more than 82,000 students.

Fifty percent of the contributions received each year fund current projects with the remaining percentage of funding being placed in a permanent endowment fund, the interest from which will be expended on future educational program. Currently the Foundation goal is to raise $25,000, or more annually.

Donors are categorized as Trailblazer Donors at Bronze ($250), Silver ($500), and Gold ($1,000 or more) levels.

We graciously accept donations of any amount all throughout the year.

If you are looking for a special way to Honor or Memorialize an individual or family member, the Foundation welcomes those types of donations as well.

For more information about the Huntsville Education Foundation, or to become a contributor today, please call the Hawkins Administration Building at (936)435-6300.  The district's liaison for the Foundation is currently HISD Director of Communications, Shannon Duncan.

HEF Grant Process

The Foundation awards $20,000 in grants each school year to HISD teachers to provide innovative and enriching activities for students during the following school year.  The grant application process begins each spring with submissions due at the end of March.
The grant applications are then reviewed by a Foundation panel and the grant recipients are announced during a reception in mid-May.  The funds are then made available in the summer for teachers to spend & prepare for the next school year.
May 2017 Grant Announcement Reception

Grant Application for School Year 2018-2019
Application Deadline -
March 30, 2018
Please download the PDF & complete.  All applications must be signed by campus principal before submitting to the Teaching & Learning Department (formerly Curriculum & Instruction).  
Winning Grants will be announced at a reception on Monday, May 14, 2018, at 5:30 PM in the Huntsville High School Library.  Grant Recipients will be notified to attend by email invitation.
Application PDF or Doc
Helpful Information & Suggestions to the Grant Writer 
Final Evaluation form
Please complete and submit with your year-end check out process at your campus.
PDF or Doc