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Huntsville Immersion Partnership

Update:  We're grateful for the terrific turnout for our first informational meeting held this summer.  We are planning a second one, though in the meantime if you have any questions or would just like to connect, please email Matthew Lahey- 

Call for Mentors!

Huntsville ISD and Sam Houston State’s College of Education are excited to launch the Huntsville Immersion Partnership (HIP).

What does HIP mean?

Huntsville ISD, Huntsville Community Mentors and the College of Education of Sam Houston State are collaborating to educate and prepare our SHSU students and Huntsville kids through an immersive college semester-long experience that pairs college students with community mentors.

This will allow these SHSU educators-in-training the opportunity and time to understand the students they teach and the community where these students live. 

Community involvement is the key, and we need your help!

We need the expertise of community members to work with (and educate) these student teachers.

We will have more information here on this page, and we are including this video from Ball State University’s Schools Within the Context of Their Community. (see below)

Ball State's effort partnering with the community of Whitely in Muncie, IN is an inspiration. 

We are inspired by their effort but do not plan to replicate it, we are customizing our effort to align with our community. 

With your help, HIP will be wholly our own!

And, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Matthew Lahey at

Here's a video from Ball State University on their "Schools within the Context of Community" Partnership with Muncie, IN