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Professional Learning

Professional Exchange Day Guidelines

The 2016-17 HISD Calendar lists 5 exchange days for professional employees. Professional employees can earn exchange days for approved professional development received during “off contract” time.

The purpose of the use of professional development exchange days is to encourage staff members to continue in their professional growth throughout the year. The guidelines for obtaining exchange days are as follows:

Only school-based professional staff members, excluding hourly employees, are eligible to earn professional development exchange days.

Staff can begin to accumulate professional development exchange day hours after their last contract day in 2016. Staff must use the days earned within the 2016-2017 calendar year. Professional development exchange days will not roll over from year to year. Unused exchange days cannot be converted to pay.

(For the 2016-17 school year, staff can begin to earn professional development exchange day hours after their last contract day for the 2015-16 school year. Days earned must be used in the 16-17 year, or they will expire.)

6-8 hours of professional development may be exchanged for one exchange day. Staff can earn up to 5 days off per school year. (An exchange day is not to be used in conjunction with personal leave.)

Days off must be taken on the predetermined professional development exchange days identified on the district calendar. During the 2016-17 school year, the five professional development exchange days that are eligible to be used are reflected on the calendar.

To earn professional development exchange days, staff must attend approved professional development sessions (including online courses/webinars) held during “off contract” time. “Off contract” time includes weekend, holiday, after school and summer hours that are outside of the staff member’s regularly scheduled working hours.

The professional development sessions attended must directly relate to the professional goals and job duties/requirements of the staff member and must be pre-approved by the principal or be on the pre-approved list.

Types of activities which are not eligible for exchange day hours include faculty meetings, PTO meetings, parent/teacher conferences, travel time to and from conferences, school related social and athletic events, committee work that provides a stipend.

Hours used towards a day off cannot be used for certificate renewal or for college course credit, or add-on certifications.

Staff must submit the appropriate professional development documentation to their principal to request to use a professional development exchange day. The principal MUST approve the use of each professional development exchange day.

*(Hourly employees can earn time to exchange at time and a half. These days are to be approved and tracked by the immediate supervisor.)

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