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Home Access Center

Welcome to the Home Access Center (HAC) for parent/guardian online portal to access grades, attendance, assignments, teacher notes and to complete the Back to School Online Student Re-registration process for RETURNING HISD STUDENTS.  
Address to Access Home Access Center:

Re-registration does not take very long to complete.  Once you have successfully logged into your Home Access Center parent portal via the link above for Huntsville ISD 2017-2018 Live, please follow the steps below to complete the re-registration for your returning student(s) (see Registration screenshot below)
1.  Click the REGISTRATION button in the menu bar.  
2.  Select the "Update Registration" tab next to the Demographic tab.  
3.  Click the word NEW.  
Most if not all of your child's data is prepopulated for you.  The student's grade will reflect the grade they just completed.  The grade will not change to the 2017-2018 grade until after the system officially rolls forward later this summer.  Please verify the data shown is correct, or update the areas that need to be changed.  Note that your re-registration is not complete until all sections for each child are verified and that you check the verification box at the bottom of the screen and then clicking the submit button below it.
*If you have multiple children to re-register after you complete and submit the first student's information you will have an option to select another student to register.  You can repeat this for all children needing to re-register.  If you do not see your other students listed, please contact Administration so we can link the students for you.
Need Assistance with Home Access Center (HAC)???
Video on How to Create a Home Access Center Account if you don't already have one:
Parents - If you need ANY assistance with Home Access Center (HAC) you can contact your campus Registrar/PEIMS Clerk.  You may complete or obtain assistance during your scheduled Meet & Greet.  
Additional assistance will be available to parents at Huntsville High School in lab 1902 on the following days:
Tuesday, August 8 from 10 am to 7 pm
Thursday, August 10 from 7 am to 2 pm
Parents must have a valid email address on file for each child in order to use the Home Access Center (HAC) parent portal.
During normal hours of operation, please contact the Registrar/PEIMS Staff at your child's campus listed below to set up an email address or to obtain assistance with registering for an account:
Gibbs Pre-K Center - 435-6553 . . . Patricia Thompson
Sam Houston Elementary - 435-6754. . . Mayra Colunga
Huntsville Elementary - 435-6856 . . . Lou Ann Sanano
Stewart Elementary - 435-6704 . . . Dianne Hertel
Scott Johnson Elementary - 435-6254 . . . Martha Valdez
Huntsville Intermediate - 435-6503 . . . Kimberly Cardoza or Sonia Ross
Mance Park Middle School - 435-6403 . . . Tiffany Wiggins or Kaylee Hutchison
Huntsville High School - 435-6103 . . . Shelley Ancira or Deborah McNiel
During the summer months, please contact Administration for assistance with HAC-related issues: 
District PEIMS Department - 435-6300
Attendance Information:

Attendance Notifications in Huntsville ISD


Parents in Huntsville ISD know that any time their child is absent from school, they receive a recorded phone message notification from the school to alert them of the absence.   Parents can then work with the campus staff if they have any questions or to provide them with the reason for the absence if they had not done so already.  As of April 2016, Huntsville ISD has implemented a new and updated system for contacting parents through the mail.  This notifies parents of excessive or unexcused absences, informs parents about specific attendance issues, and hopefully assists parents to avoid and reduce student absences.  The key purpose of this program and system is to work with our parents and students on the importance of regular attendance which gives schools the best opportunity to provide a quality education for all children. 


This system and process includes contacting parents by mail regarding all absences. The first Truancy letter informs parents of unexcused absences as defined by Texas Truancy Laws.  Parents will be asked to conference with the school administrator to review absences, work on solutions to address attendance issues, and discuss what may occur if unexcused or excessive absences continue.  A third letter due to continued unexcused absences may require parents to appear in Truancy court before the judge.


It is imperative that parents contact the school to excuse student absences within 72 hours and avoid unnecessary and frequent absences and late arrivals. We understand that there are certainly illnesses and circumstances where a student may have to miss school but our schools and school district wants and expects to have our students attend every day possible and makes a commitment to work with our parents to accomplish this goal.


Thank you for your efforts to have your child attend school on time and regularly each and every day. We know a majority of our students and families have good attendance habits and we appreciate the efforts that parents make in order to have this happen.  Please work with your schools when you see and are informed of attendance issues so we do our best for all students and especially your own child.