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Retirement Planning

Retirement is a big step and involves a great deal of planning to ensure that you completely understand everything as it applies to you.  If you are considering retirement within the next 1 – 5 years, you are strongly encouraged to contact TRS to begin discussions regarding your retirement plan.


TRS suggests that approximately 6 months prior to your actual retirement, you will want to submit a request to TRS for a retirement estimate and packet.  The TRS Retirement packet you receive will include a checklist, detailed instructions and important documents and information that will help to guide you through the process.


Once you have walked through all the steps with TRS you will want to submit a letter to your campus principal providing official written notice of your intent to retire.  This notice must include an effective date for your retirement.  Additionally, you will want to consider when your insurance coverage will end with HISD and begin with TRS Care, how you want to handle any voluntary payroll deductions (i.e. ATPE dues, 403b, etc) beyond your final paycheck, what health/supplemental benefits may or may not be portable, etc.


Below are some links to information that may be helpful to you as you plan your retirement:


The information provided on this site is intended to provide some helpful information and should not be relied upon independent of direct guidance from TRS.