Huntsville ISD

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CTE Faculty

CTE Faculty
Huntsville High School
Stacy Godby, Department Chair - Law Enforcement I & II, Practicum of Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
Linda Bone - Principles of Human Services, Child Guidance, Education & Training/Guidance Practicums
Denise Carpenter - Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Banking, and Career Prep
Amanda Cason - Principles of Human Services, Food Science
Kenneth Goines - Principles of Ag, Ag Mech
Misty Richter - Advanced Animal Science, Principles of Agriculture
Amanda Hoke - Livestock Production, Floral Design, Advanced Plant & Soil Science, Ecology Management
Douglas Johnston - Transportation, Automotive Tech I & II
Jordan Huebner - Principles of Government & Public Administration; Court Systems; Law Enforcement II
Matthew Lahey - Dual Credit TV and Film Production
Virginia Lenoire - CNA, Medical Terminology, Principles of Health Science
Charlotte Neal - Principles of Health Science, Medical Terminology, Pharmacy Tech
Paige Loft - Fashion Design, Culinary Arts
Warren Sievert - Principles of Technology; Robotics I
Harold Skidmore - Forensic Science
Jeffrey Sockwell - Welding & Advanced Welding
Kristi Stewart - Anatomy & Physiology
Melissa Thornton - Principles of Computer Maintenance & Computer Technician
Vanessa Tindall - Cosmetology I & II
Joe Whitehead - Video Game Design I, II, III, Engineering Design and Problem Solving/Presentation; Principles of Applied Engineering
Nicholle Tieken - Mathematics Applications in Agriculture, Professional Communications, Livestock Production
Charles Shewell - Principles of Arts, A/V Technology and Communication; Audio Video Production I & II
Kevin DaSilva - Principles of Construction, Construction Technology I & II, Practicum of Construction, Professional Communications
Gilbert Walters - Financial Mathematics
Bailee Henson-York - Business English
Shelly Riddler - Business Information Management; Stats & Business Decision Making; Accounting; Financial Mathematics
Mance Park Middle School
Edward Lenoir - Investigating Careers
Sonya Dial - Investigating Careers
Paul Ricky Hastings - College & Career Readiness
Curtis Densmore - Robotics
Shelley Petkovsek - Digital Media
Mary Rhoden - Agriculture
Kayla Neal - Business Applications, College & Career Readiness
Ronda Underwood - College & Career Readiness
Susan Cook - Health and Human Sciences