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Fundraiser-Money Collections
Only 2 fundraisers allowed per club/organization or Booster Club per year.
Below are a few reminders about money collection.  Each bookkeeper should be checking all deposit forms and money to make sure they balance. You should also be checking the checks to make sure they have driver's license and phone numbers.
Please make sure you share this information with anyone in your organization who may collect money.  
  • all check must have driver license and phone numbers on them
  • do not accept temporary checks
  • all checks should be made out to the campus and/or district (not individual's names or other businesses such as lifetouch or balfour)
  • all checks must be deposited within 10 days of receipt
  • include the fundraiser number on the deposit form
Budget and Account Code Information
Purchasing How-To
Please go to Purchasing tab for more detailed information (ex. approved vendors, becoming a vendor, etc.)
Travel Guidelines