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UIL Information

Huntsville Elementary is participating in a UIL Academics  competition for our elementary students in HISD.  Students refine and expand on the skills they learn every day at school and use them in a competitive, fun way. There are various teams for Grades 2, 3 & 4.  Students who are interested in participating will need to attend a team practice to try out for the team.  Students who qualify will attend weekly practices and a district competition. Remember that in order to participate the student must:
Have passing grades
Come to school regularly
Be able to attend after school practices
Attend a Saturday competition

If your child is interested in trying-out for a UIL team, please contact the team coach listed to get information about practice times and staying after school.

Event/Grade Level(s) Coach HES Practice Day
Chess Puzzle (2nd,3rd,4th) Nicolaus Zeisig Thursday
Creative Writing-2nd Teri Clark Thursday
Storytelling-(2nd,3rd) Kelly Muratorri Monday
Music Memory
(3rd, 4th)
Shanna Hollis Monday
Ready Writing(3rd, 4th) Linda Huff Thursday
Spelling(3rd, 4th) Ellen Fischer Monday 
Art-4th Alma Gilley Thursday
Number Sense-4th Chris Matthys Tuesday 
Oral Reading-4th Amy Holderrieth Monday