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Family Engagement

Gibbs Pre-K Family Engagement Plan

 An effective family engagement plan creates a foundation for the collaboration of mutual partners, embraces the individuality and uniqueness of families, and promotes a culture of learning that is child centered, age appropriate, and family driven.

 A. Facilitate family-to-family support using strategies such as:

  1. Latino Family Literacy Project
  2. Strong Fathers
  3. Team Programs
  4. Open House
  5. Breakfast with the Principal
  6. Meet and Greet
  7. Beginning of the year Orientation
  8. Grandparer;1t's Luncheon
  9. Thanksgiving Luncheon
  10. Monthly Newsletters from Principal and Teachers
  11. Parent volunteers


B. Establish a network of community resources using strategies such as:

  1. Sam Houston State University:  provide volunteers,  services,  Early Childhood Field Experience, Student Teachers, Creative Movement
  2. First Christian Church: donations for students, teacher appreciation activities and materials, donations for families
  3. First Presbyterian Church: donations for students, teacher appreciation activities, participate on campus events,
  4. Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church: donations for student' lunches
  5. Region VI: volunteer
  6. Project Sunshine
  7. Master Gardeners Volunteer to give lessons weekly

 C. Increase family participation in decision making strategies such as:

  1. Campus Advisory Committee
  2. Breakfast with the Principal: meeting with parents to offer principal ideas and suggestion for improvements, ask questions, or share concerns
  3. Bilingual Family Night
  4. Parent/Teacher Conferences
  5. LPAC Meeting
  6. ARD Meeting
  7. Daily Folder Communication system
  8. Classroom Moms or Dads


 D. Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning strategies such as:

  1. Literacy and Math Night
  2. Latino Family Literacy Project
  3. Bilingual Family Literacy, Math, Program Night
  4. Technology for parents
  5. Family Homework Activities
  6. Family Connection Bulletin Board: Newsletter, newspaper clips, parent tips
  7. Daily communication folder
  8. Open House
  9. Meet and Greet Orientation
  10. Backpack Books
  11. Homework folders specific to student needs
  12. Books for parents/students at PreK roundup and registration - Parent's Guide to PreK and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom- building the importance of early literacy 


 E. Develop staff skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children's learning benchmarks using strategies such as:

  1. Family Homework Monthly Activity
  2. Parent/Teacher Conference
  3. Strong Fathers
  4. Latino Family Literacy Project
  5. Daily communication folders
  6. Open House


F. Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement using strategies such as:

  1. Home/School compact
  2. Open House
  3. Parent/Teacher conference
  4. Parent surveys
  5. Breakfast with the Principal
  6. Parent participation through evidence on sign-in sheet