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Welcome to Hornet Nation!!!

Huntsville ISD - Normal Operations for Friday, 8/25

Huntsville ISD is working closely with our emergency management team to monitor the current weather conditions and storm forecasts. In the event of a school closure, delay start, early release, or any other change in our schedule, the district WILL notify parents as soon as a decision can be made.

Huntsville ISD will use the following channels to communicate:

- Official Huntsville ISD facebook page: @HuntsvilleIndependentSchoolDistrict
- Official Huntsville ISD Twitter account: @HISDHornets 
- KSAM 101.7 FM radio station
- The Huntsville Item newspaper
- Other local & surrounding area radio & TV news stations
- The district's mass parent notification system (call & email to parent contact information on file for each       student - please be sure the campus has the most current phone & email address for you!)
- This district website

Our preferred choice will always be to make a decision early and to notify parents as far in advance as we possibly can; however, some decisions simply can't be made early and must wait until the Huntsville ISD Transportation Department has the opportunity to evaluate road conditions for bus travel and safety for our district. 

We DO plan to send out notification sometime later today regarding our plans for Monday, August 28. Stay connected to us for updates that impact Huntsville ISD.  
Please NOTE:  If you hear on the radio or news channels that "HISD" is Closed/Dismissing Early/Etc. that is not us. We will always include "Huntsville" in our notifications to avoid any confusion.  When in doubt, please monitor the communication channels listed above for accurate information pertaining to our district.
Current Changes/Cancellations:
Friday HHS football scrimmage - times moved up
Friday HMB Band Preview Performance - cancelled
Monday HHS Open House - postponed
Tuesday MPMS Open House - postponed