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Important Message

Important Message from Huntsville ISD:

Huntsville ISD is aware of a disturbing letter/flyer that has been circulating around our campuses and throughout social media today. The flyer originated from another high school out of town that is encouraging fighting among students. The student who initiated the flyers as well as those who distributed them have already been identified and are being dealt with by official administration. Parents should know that the district has taken measures to have additional assistance at the transportation loading dock and at the high school. We are also very aware of what is being shared on social media and are monitoring posts on a regular basis. Please remind your children that fighting will not be tolerated on campus or other district property. We will also not condone or allow the promotion or distribution of any propaganda that encourages participation in violence. Again, we encourage all stakeholders to immediately report any concerning incident and/or safety issue to the appropriate campus or district administration either in person, or by phone call, email, or in writing. For an immediate notification please use the district's online Incident Reporting form.