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Important Message from HISD Superintendent

Please read this Important Message from Dr. Howell Wright, HISD Superintendent of Education:
Huntsville Police Department is actively investigating a criminal offense involving the possession and distribution of inappropriate images of students. This inappropriate content was shared using personal devices and/or personal accounts outside the district network. Law Enforcement is urging all parents, students, and staff members who believe they may have received such inappropriate digital media which would include photographs or videos, to immediately report this information to your campus School Resource Officer (SRO). Students who have not come forth and reported evidence pertinent to this case, and are later found to be in possession of such inappropriate digital content, will be subject to criminal charges as well as appropriate school disciplinary action as this behavior also violates our Huntsville ISD Student Code of Conduct.
Your child’s safety is of our utmost concern, so making parents aware of this situation is important to us. We will provide parents with additional information and resources on how to monitor and safeguard your child’s online activity later this week.

**A SchoolMessenger notification (call with email) is scheduled to begin on 4/10/17 at 5:30 PM for your campus with this same information.