Huntsville ISD

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January 2017 - School Board Appreciation Month

January is the month we call special attention to our local public education School Boards.  It's School Board Appreciation Month and we honor and thank them for their commitment and dedication to voluntarily serve for the benefit of our district.  While we appreciate them all year long, this is a designated time where we can show them how much we appreciate them.  Every day they are the biggest cheerleaders for our public education and for our students and staff, so this month we get to cheer for them.  With an "All-Star Team" theme, join us on Thursday, January 19, 2017, starting at 6 pm in the Hawkins Building Boardroom as we celebrate our All-Star Team of 8 and recognize them with a special presentation during the regular monthly School Board meeting.  Please join us in saying "THANKS" to our trustees now and all throughout the year!