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10th Street Closure to Impact Entering/Exiting Samuel W. Houston Elementary

Huntsville ISD would like to thank the parents/guardians and staff members of Samuel W. Houston Elementary for the responsible way everyone has responded to the ongoing 7th Street Rehabilitation project of the City of Huntsville which started at the beginning of this 2016-2017 school year.  We understand that the project is ahead of schedule, so hopefully it will not last as long as initially predicted.    
We have been advised that more construction is required on 10th Street between Avenue O and Avenue N.  This section of 10th Street will be CLOSED starting Monday, October 17, and will remain closed for approximately 45 days.  This closure will restrict thru traffic in both directions on 10th Street.  That means that going east on 10th Street beyond Avenue P will not be allowed.  Therefore, it is advised that anyone coming to, or leaving from Samuel W. Houston Elementary, should do so by utilizing the Hwy 75 intersection at 10th Street.  It is advised that traffic entering campus still come from Hwy 75 turning onto 10th Street and then continue using the campus entrance from Old Madisonville Road.  When leaving the campus traffic should still take 7th Street to Avenue P, but then should go west on 10th to Hwy 75.  Please plan accordingly and adjust your scheduled to accommodate increased congestion and delays.  Yielding to our school buses and allowing them the right-of-way will help keep our students being transported on schedule.  
As always, we appreciate your continued cooperation and patience.