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Important Message from HISD

Huntsville ISD would like to inform all district and community stakeholders of a nationwide social media hoax involving clowns. Threats by a "Creepy Clown” also called “Killer Clown” or “Scary Clown" started in the northern states and have spread by news attention and social media circulation. Various news outlets across the country have reported that someone dressed as a Creepy Clown intended to do others harm. As this issue became news, social media started spreading posts with hoaxes of Creepy Clown sightings. Multiple Texas schools have reported students receiving Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat messages about the Creepy Clown sightings.

Last week and this week, several Huntsville ISD students reported they received a social media message about a Creepy Clown sighting in Huntsville. Additionally, this clown threat has morphed into a variety of other threatening rumors such as intended gun violence and bomb threats. We take the safety of our students very seriously. Our campus administrators along with School Resource Officers have interviewed students and diligently investigated each report. In each incident, it was determined NOT to be a credible threat.

Even though we believe these to all to be part of a social media hoax, it is not to be taken lightly. Like other districts in Texas, we are working closely with law enforcement to monitor social media accounts making threats against schools. Please discuss this issue with your children and have a plan of action should they actually see a Creepy Clown. Notify the Huntsville Police Department of any suspicious activity.

Huntsville ISD has no reason, at this time, to believe that there is any credible threat to the safety of students or staff members, even if a clown threat was posted. We believe HISD to be a safe environment and we will continue school operations as normal. All HISD staff will be on heightened alert to ensure our students feel safe. Please don’t hesitate to contact the District or Campus Administrators if you have any questions or concerns.

Threatening schools is a serious and criminal matter, even if a person posting on social media is only doing so as a joke. In recent weeks, several people across the nation have been arrested for making false clown threats, and they face very serious consequences. The district will take any measure necessary to press charges to the full extent of the law against anyone found to be in connection to making specific threats against the district, campuses, students, or staff members.