There are high expectations for studentwifi Buzzy achievement from the district, the parents, and the community. In the 21st century, technology is going to play a major role in making these expectations become realities. Our district is committed to making technology an integral part of every student's education. We believe that for our students to be successful in tomorrow's world, they must not only understand technology but also possess the ability to utilize this technology in a changing world.   

    Our goal is the true integration of technology into the teaching/learning process. School leaders are requesting a sound educational direction for technology. This demand is being met with innovative equipment and dedicated teacher training.


    Our Mission

    We are passionately committed to the positive influence of current and future technologies through continuous research, successful integration, and unparalleled support of high-quality hardware and software for HISD.

    Our Vision

    To provide our students, staff, and community with leading-edge technology services.


     Technology Crew

    To help you find answers and/or directions to some of the technical questions you might have we have created a Technology Help Information site.  This site has step-by-step written directions as well as many help videos. Please click the link below to access this area.

    Nadine Pharries

    Chief Technology Officer

    Halloween 2020


    Halloween Group

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