Conducting Research in HISD

  • Application to Conduct External Research

    The Huntsville Independent School District supports high-quality research that addresses research questions of educational importance.

    At the same time, the district has moral and legal obligations that require oversight of research activities that make use of district resources such as data, facilities, employee time and access to students.
    We receive numerous requests from a variety of individuals and organizations for permission to conduct research within our District. Before conducting research in HISD, a research application must be completed and submitted for review. 

    The research review process ensures that organizational and school functions are protected from unnecessary interruptions, district resources are maximized, and the rights of human subjects are protected as required by law.
    In order to conduct research in Huntsville ISD, a proposal must be submitted 30 days before the research is to begin. All applications will be reviewed by an appointed committee and decisions will be returned to applicants within 30 days.
    Please visit this LINK to complete a form titled Huntsville ISD External Research Application.