• Students are not allowed to carry any medications on campus or on the bus. The only exception to this will be an inhaler, epi-pen, or diabetic supplies with a physician's order to be able to carry on person. A "carry on person" doctor's order is included in the action plan, or it can be written separately by a physician and brought or faxed to the HHS clinic.

    The Standing Medication Order sheet that parents can sign in Infosnap or at the clinic will allow a few meds to be given to student if medically necessary (ex.Tums & Chloraseptic), this only includes Benadryl or Tylenol inemergency situations.
    -Prescription or OTC medications to be given at school must be brought to the clinic by a parent/legal guardian.

    -OTC medications and "sample pack" medications must be in its original bottle/packaging and have a physician's order that include the student's name, medication to be given, dosage, and frequency. Bring or fax the order to the HHS clinic. A parent must also complete a medication administration form available at the nurse's office.

    -If a prescription medications must be given during school time, it must be in the original bottle/packaging and be labeled by a pharmacist. Label must include student's name, medication name, dosage, frequency, physician's name, and date filled. A parent must also complete a medication administration form available at the nurse's office.

    -Medications will not be given after the expiration date on the bottle.

    -Medication will be kept in a locked cabinet in the clinic. Designed staff will administer the medication as prescribed.

    -A parent/guardian must bring all medication to the HHS clinic and pickup any medication left at the conclusion of the school year. Any medication left at the clinic after the last day of school will be destroyed.

    Students with Diabetes

    In accordance with a student's individual health plan for management of diabetes, a student with diabetes will be permitted to possess and use monitoring and treatment supplies and equipment while at school or at a school-related activity. See the school nurse or principal for information.